Power dividers are more integrated into your life than you might know. You can find these devices in telecommunications, radio and microwave technology. If you are starting in building radios or microwave tech as a hobby, it is important to know some things about dividers and couplers such as what they are, where they are used and where you can get them.

What Are They?

Power splitters or dividers are units with four ports which direct an amount of electromagnetic power from a transmission line to a port. This allows the signal to be used in a different circuit. Power couplers work in much the same way with the main difference being that broadband power dividers separate the power and couplers combine it. These can be strung together in different ways and have various specifications to direct power for everything from your cable box to military-grade equipment.

Where Are They Used?

Power dividers are used just about anywhere in radio technology where you need to direct, couple or divide electromagnetic power. This includes broadband broadcasting and receiving radio waves, microwaves and more. They can even be used to monitor the power level and frequency of the signal without interrupting the main energy flow to the system.

Where Can You Get Them?

You can find power couplers and dividers in many local or online electronics stores, especially those dealing with radio and microwave technology. You can even find these units through the manufacturers’ websites or through dedicated vendors online.

Power dividers come in a couple of different forms, but perform one task in several applications. You can find them in your radio equipment, in monitoring equipment and much more. To find the right divider for your needs it is a good idea to look for specifications and even model numbers on your plans.