Wirex is a platform built on blockchain technology which is one of the greatest achievements of man. It is special and there is a lot it has achieved since its conception in 2014. Many people have testified to the great use of Wirex and they hope to get more from the upcoming innovations. Currently, the platform has built a mobile application as well as a bitcoin debit card to ensure a hassle-free transaction process which is one of the many benefits of Wirex.

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However, there are doubts about what Wirex has to offer which is why we are going to be describing some of the benefits of Wirex

The Benefits

  1. Great Coverage: Wirex is one of many platforms with great coverage all over the world. As of now, the debit card can be used in about 130 countries in the world which is enough for global access. The card can be sent across to any of the supported countries and takes about 8 weeks to get delivered. 
  2. Good Blockchain Support: An impressive quality of this technology is that it can support some popular blockchains that are dominating the world. They are 8 in number, and there is a high probability that there are going to be many later. The blockchains it supports include; Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum, Wollo, Waves, Nano and Dai.
  3. Easy Access: Just as we have said that it has great coverage, Wirex is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. This is all thanks to the mobile application that is supported by many smart mobile devices. There are various options on the app to execute special functions. 
  4. Exchange Made Simple: If there is anything else worthy of emulation, it is the simple 10 exchanges. It makes use of 3 FX brokers to convert back to local currencies. It works using an inter-bank protocol to ensure exchange rates for local currency pairs without any problem. This isn’t something you come across every time.
  5. Seamless Transfer: What could be worse with transfers as regard Wirex? Nothing!! This is all thanks to faster payment methods involving SEPA, SWIFT, and ACH. Also, you can make use of the debit card to process your transfers. Isn’t this a rare kind of benefit when it comes to platforms operating under a blockchain tech.
  6. Secure Platform: For people who have doubts about safety and security, Wirex makes use of a 2-Factor Authentication for maximum security. It is as well licensed and the account is kept in cold storage to prevent hacking or tracking. To Wirex, a user’s safety is a top priority, and you can count on them for that. 
  7. High-Value Orders: Another interesting benefit of using Wirex is that it makes use of 4 OTC players to ensure there is proper accommodation of high-value orders. They don’t only stop there, but they make sure the best price for such order is selected based on currency pair and depth of orders.

Wirex is an incredible platform, and you will be glad to invest your money, time and effort into it as long as your country is one of the beneficiaries of the platform.