The digital dispensation has seen more and more brands jump aboard the digital marketing bandwagon as the focus is more towards digital advertising and marketing strategies. As such, marketers have to continually improve their skills and knowledge because they are professionals who are in serious demand. For them, the digital marketing landscape is one of promise with the potential of getting higher pay, better budgets, and more career choices among other benefits.

If you are lost on which career path to take or what to study, then below are the major benefits of working in the field of digital marketing that may convince that this is the career direction to take.

1. Be an In-Demand Professional

It is projected that there will be around 150,000 digital job opportunities open by the year 2020. However, there currently is a limited number of professionals to fill up those slots. So, those studying digital marketing will have a competitive advantage since they are setting themselves up for a line of work whose demand exceeds supply. It is estimated that the demand for digital marketing professionals will spike upwards by more than 35% and will keep rising in the coming years. Given such the status of such as promising career, it is high time you took advantage.

Hot Tip: Do some research to know which are the most sought-after skills in digital marketing before you embark on studying for the career.

2. Enjoy More Career Choice

Many of the leading giants and authorities in the digital sphere, such as Google, Twitter and the like, have set up shop in Dublin, with many have their headquarters there. As such, the city is an ideal place for digital professionals who are seeking job opportunities. Different local brands and multinationals including SMEs located in Dublin will never go more than a week without announcing open digital job opportunities. But the same is also being seen in other countries and big cities around the world.

Take Ryanair for instance; it created 200 jobs with a majority of them being positions for digital marketing professionals. Enda Kenny announced, at the Web Summit, 400 new job positions for a range of digital marketing opportunities that include areas such as social media. Microsoft is planning to increase its staff by hiring 1000 more digital marketing graduates while LinkedIn is also set to make a similar move by doubling its workforce to the tune of 1200 employees working in digital marketing.

Given the projected number of new job opportunities (see, digital marketers can afford to be a bit picky about the kind of company to join and brand to be associated with.

3. Get Paid More Than Your Peers

When demand is higher than supply, prices skyrocket. The same principle applies when it comes to a situation where there are more job opportunities than the works that will fill up those slots. As such, you have the upper hand when working in a fruitful industry that has a significant workforce shortage. Therefore, you should make the most of that opportunity and negotiate your salary.

Prosperity did a survey that showed a fast rise in the salaries of digital professionals in 2018 compared to the last five years. The rapid increase is wage pay is set to keeping rising. A digital marketing manager working in Dublin enjoys an average salary of €68,000 while that of professionals at the entry level PPC positions is €28,000 up from €25,000 last year.

4. You Can Kickstart a Lustrous Career

Creating your portfolio are a professional in the traditional advertising career would see you wait for an opening for the sought-after graduate placement or internship. With the digital marketing career, you enjoy a wealth of different opportunities to jumpstart your professional career even before you graduate or set foot in a digital marketing company.

If you are thinking along the lines of following a career path that sets you up to stand out to potential employers, you now know what to study. Above all, remember that marketing is the name of the game and therefore you should strive to build a robust social media presence. You should aim to gain a significant following on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as you play an active role by contributing to relevant online conversations. You can as well consider starting a blog.

Top Tip: Gain the relevant knowledge for the profession by taking a Diploma in Digital Marketing and further your studies as much as you can to build your CV. Also, as you build your portfolio, you can take HubSpot’s Inbound Certification exam or the Google Analytics exams to bolster your resume as a digital marketing professional.