While writing a UK CV, you have to put the most flattering section first in order to impress the recruiter who will probably not read the whole document. So, if you are a new graduate, place the Education section on the first line of your resume. It is the most important one since you do not have significant professional experience yet. You must clearly show the level of education you have reached and the set of skills you have acquired. Here is how to highlight this section of your UK CV.

What the Education Section Should Contain

After choosing a CV template with the Education section that comes before the Professional Experience section, you must select and organize the information that will build the chapter. It should encompass your entire initial academic path. Continuous or acquired training in companies or non-academic institutes does not belong to this section. It should be the subject of another part of the resume, entitled Training. Start with the Higher Leaving Certificate or its equivalent. In no case may it be question of drawing up an exhaustive biography. If you opt for a retro-chronological presentation, you will begin with the most recent diploma.

About Foreign Diplomas to Place on a UK CV

Most British recruiters ignore all the details about foreign education systems. So, if you obtained your degrees in another country, do not be surprised if they show little enthusiasm for the quality of your course. In addition, equivalences between foreign and UK diplomas are rare. Therefore, it will most often be impossible for you to translate it. For a bachelor’s or master’s degree, just specify the number of years of teaching.

For instance, if you have won a DEUG in psychology in France, indicate in your UK CV: “two-year university degree in psychology”. When there are English equivalences to your diplomas, you can mention them on the proviso that the English terms are not substituted for the foreign ones. The best solution is to first mention the diplomas, then their UK equivalences.

Other Information to Put on the Education Section of a UK CV

For each diploma obtained, indicate the duration of the studies. This type of information speaks volumes. It will help the recruiter to get a better idea of ​​your level in a skill area. Do not forget to specify the subject of your possible thesis or other work (dissertation subjects, etc.). UK headhunters appreciate the objectivity of the averages and consider the as excellent indicators.