If you are an athlete or a body builder, a massage chair can be quite handy for you to have. Since body building causes strain on your body, a relaxing massage is quite a relief. Massage has been known to help improve a body builder’s performance. Body builders and athletes try to avoid getting an injury. massage outlet in johor can help build better muscle mass and help prevent injuries.

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The following are benefits of massage therapy to a body builder:

1. Improves range of motion of joints and extremities – When you’re working out, your muscles will undergo constant stretching and contracting. Though this can help increase muscle mass and develop its shape, it also tightens the muscles and reduces its elasticity. Also, this places your muscles in constant wear and tear that can create scar tissues. This is quite normal for a body builder. However, tight muscles can increase the chances of injury to occur and will also cause muscle pain.

Massage therapy helps soothe your muscles by stretching them sideways. This motion can help decrease tension on your muscles, thus relieving muscle pain. Also, it can help break down scar tissues caused by previous training or injuries, thus increasing mobility.

2. Improves muscle tone and blood circulation to muscle tissues – Blood carries nutrients to different tissues in the body. If you’re a body builder, it is important that your muscles get enough nutrients for muscle repair and development. Massage therapy can help improve blood flow to your muscle tissues. This can provide your muscle tissue with enough nutrients for tissue regeneration and build up, reducing the recovery time. With increased circulation of your muscles for tissue repair, it will also help improve muscle tone.

Other than allowing your muscle tissues to receive more nutrients, massage therapy also improves removal of waste products due to metabolism and muscle contractions, like lactic acid. The buildup of lactic acid in your muscles can prevent effective muscular contractions, which causes pain and reduces muscle development. Massage therapy can help improve drainage of lactic acid from muscle tissues relieving pain and allowing effective muscle contractions.

3. Injury prevention – In body building, there is always a risk of getting an injury as you put your body in constant strain and stress. Sports massage therapists may be able to recommend or provide you with a massage program that will help the occurrence of sports-related injury. These therapists provide a massage regimen that is catered for your specific needs. They can help loosen up tight muscles in specific areas, while breaking down scar tissues to improve your performance.

4. Improves stage performance and psychological aspect – When you are about to enter a competition, stress and anxiety can build up in your body. This will add to the stress of working out. This can affect you both mentally and physically. With a soothing massage prior to a competition, you can relax and lower down the tension in your body. This can prepare you mentally and psychologically, giving you enough confidence as you get up on stage.