Inviting someone into your home is an immensely personal act. Home health care is so popular today thanks in part to this reason: the person receiving care gets it on an individual one-on-one basis. Still, some people need more than just a few hours per day that an in-home health care service typically provides. 

Rather than going into a nursing home, one particular option for those already receiving or thinking about getting in-home health care is to upgrade the attention into a live-in service. Not all in-home health care providers supply this service, so it is a question you will need to ask before applying.

Home Health Care Service

houston home health care services do far more than supervise a person in need of twenty-four hours per day. In many cases, a live-in caregiver can help with getting groceries, transportation to doctor’s appointments, and even going out to see a movie or some other form of entertainment. If you have a family member in need of a higher degree of care but have reservations about assisted living facilities, a live-in service can be just the answer you have been looking for.

Many people worry about the additional cost of live-in care. This is not something you don’t need to worry about. There are several live-in care services out there that offer incredibly affordable care. And with some insurance carriers, this can even be partially covered with your policy, making it even more of an economic decision. Live-in care is often non-medical, so you will be saving on the costs associated with the medical care that would be received at a nursing home as well.


If you have reservations about live-in care for your loved one, this is natural. As stated above, home health care is extremely personal, and many people are not comfortable with this customization of care. But that individual care created is precisely the reason why live-in care is such a great option.

In a nursing home, your loved one will receive the care they need, but they will not get it on an individual basis. Live-in home health care is one-on-one and guarantees that your loved one will always receive the care that they need, even if it is not a pressing need. This is something often overlooked or delayed in full nursing homes.

You still may be unsure about the level of care that your family needs. Requesting a free consultation is a good idea in this instance. This service is offered by most home health care providers and can be an excellent way for you to determine just what type of care your loved one needs.

Most home health care providers will meet with you for free to see if live-in care is right for the situation. Under no circumstances should you feel obligated to go with a service, but if you think that your loved one needs live-in care, this is a great way to get more information straight from the people that will be providing the care.