While many people prefer the good old torrent where all you need to do is find a movie’s torrent file with enough seeds and leeches for downloading it, torrent is in fact, illegal and may land you in trouble. The other option which you have left is watching some of these movies online, where you can directly stream them. While Putlocker is the most common option, it is not considered as good an option because of its high data usage and the ads which it has. Also, it is banned in many countries. Below is a list of 5 such free online movie streaming websites which can serve as a great alternative to Putlocker while also quietening down the movie maniac within you-

  1. YouTube Movies-

Everyone in this world who uses internet knows what YouTube is. For most people, the internet starts and ends at YouTube. While YouTube serves us with a daily dose of some of the best videos on the internet, YouTube also has a category known as YouTube movies, where you can find hundreds of awesome free movies for anyone to watch. Also, you can use YouTube movies to rent some of your favourite movies and have fun!

  1. IMDb

This website is most regarded as probably the best website for checking the reviews of movies, or for reviewing movies yourself. Most people don’t even know that you can also stream movies on this website. IMDb has a while different section where you can find a long list of movies which you can stream directly from the website. IMDb indeed provides a great alternative to Putlocker.

  1. MyDownloadTube

For those who want to watch the latest moviesjust as they hit the theatres, you might find it a difficult task to find a website where there are links which are not fake or broken. Fortunately for you, we have the perfect website by the name of MyDownloadTube. On this website, you can stream movies in different qualities at one click. Not only that. It also allows you to download all those latest flicks with ease.

  1. Archive.org

This world famous website provides you withold archived files which at one point of time were deleted from the original source. It also contains rare documents which have now been digitized. Here, on this link, you can also find a lot of archived movies which you can browse through and directly stream or download.

  1. WatchMovieStream.com

Today, it is the era of smartphones. Most of us prefer to use our smartphones for all the internet browsing, and the same thing is now applicable on watching movies. Using a laptop or a desktop is not just convenient anymore. For such movie lovers, 5.    WatchMovieStream.com is the perfect website. It has thousands of free movies, and it works nicely on all devices, so you can now watch movies on the go.

The above article sums up the best websites on which you can stream movies for free. They also serve as s great alternative to Putlocker. Now what are you waiting for? Go and binge watch your favourite movies now!