Having new carpet installed is an exciting event because it transforms a room’s look and vibe. Once installed the challenge is then about how to maintain the new carpet’s appearance through carpet cleaning and proper usage. With all the “know how” we have in this day and age there have been quite a number of improvements to modern day carpets. Carpeting now is more stain resistant. Although not completely impervious to stains, one now has a very good chance of a carpet not staining if the liquids are removed quickly. Also there are now numerous products in the market that specialize in Carpet Cleaning Brisbane and stain removal.

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One of the most important steps in your to do list when it comes to carpet maintenance is vacuuming your carpet regularly. One should not wait till the carpet is dingy before vacuum cleaning it, set a regular routine like one or twice a week. A vacuum with a beater bar/brush is preferable as it is able to remove embedded dirt better. Dirt and grime when embedded rubs against the carpet fibers and causes premature wear and tear on the fibers. This is the reason why some experts advise daily carpet cleaning if possible.

Aside from regular cleaning one must also put into place a strategy for wear prevention to keep carpeting looking its best. People often create a walking route around a room depending on the furniture. This wears certain parts of the carpet more than others. Sooner or later the uneveness will become obvious making the carpet look more worn. The best thing to do is to change the position of the furniture every so often. This will then create different routes and the carpeting will wear out more evenly and last longer. Another good maintenance technique is to use an outdoor and indoor mat. The outdoor mat will be able to prevent most dirt and grit from entering the house and the inner mat will be able to absorb moisture from getting to your carpeting. Also if possible get the family into the habit of taking their shoes off when they enter the house and putting on house slippers as outdoor shoes may tear at the carpet pile.