As the temperature soars outside and the heat percolates into homes, many people often try to keep their houses cool with the help of indoor split system air conditioner installation cost are cheap. Window air conditioners are the most commonly seen. It is popular because it’s extremely easy to use and at the same time is an affordable one for use in a smaller arena. They are of various types depending upon their features like size, cooling capacity and economic price. Almost all huge buildings, especially the business clusters, will have condensing units installed on their roof tops.

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Air Conditioner is something that we come across most often on a daily basis. But still, it is ignored and taken for granted. An air conditioner functions like a refrigerator excluding the insulation box unit and makes use of the evaporation technique of a refrigerator such as Freon to provide a cooling effect.

The utility of an air conditioner is to effectively obliterate heat and humidity from the surrounding atmosphere. The quality of work done depends a lot upon the size of the unit. A very large unit is capable of cooling the surrounding quickly, but loses on reducing the humidity. It often leaves back a damp, unpleasant and sticky kind of feeling. However, a perfectly sized, compact unit would effectively bring down humidity along with cooling the atmosphere.

The quality of a room units can be decided calculating their energy efficiency ratio, denoted by EER, which is nothing but the ratio of cooling output to the power consumption. The EER and the Efficiency of the unit is directly proportional to it’s EER.

Air conditioners can also be portable, but may not be as efficient as the window units. They may be preferred to their window counterparts only when there’s a problem of fitting the unit into the existing window, especially if they are of casement or sliding. People often mistake a too large unit to provide better cooling effects, though the opposite is true. An oversized and a bulky unit would only prove to be less efficient.