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How Massage Helps in Improving Body Building Performance

If you are an athlete or a body builder, a massage chair can be quite handy for you to have. Since body building causes strain on your body, a relaxing massage is quite a relief. Massage has been known to help improve a body builder’s performance. Body builders and athletes try to avoid getting an injury. massage outlet in johor can help build better muscle mass and help prevent injuries.

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The following are benefits of massage therapy to a body builder:

1. Improves range of motion of joints and extremities – When you’re working out, your muscles will undergo constant stretching and contracting. Though this can help increase muscle mass and develop its shape, it also tightens the muscles and reduces its elasticity. Also, this places your muscles in constant wear and tear that can create scar tissues. This is quite normal for a body builder. However, tight muscles can increase the chances of injury to occur and will also cause muscle pain.

Massage therapy helps soothe your muscles by stretching them sideways. This motion can help decrease tension on your muscles, thus relieving muscle pain. Also, it can help break down scar tissues caused by previous training or injuries, thus increasing mobility.

2. Improves muscle tone and blood circulation to muscle tissues – Blood carries nutrients to different tissues in the body. If you’re a body builder, it is important that your muscles get enough nutrients for muscle repair and development. Massage therapy can help improve blood flow to your muscle tissues. This can provide your muscle tissue with enough nutrients for tissue regeneration and build up, reducing the recovery time. With increased circulation of your muscles for tissue repair, it will also help improve muscle tone.

Other than allowing your muscle tissues to receive more nutrients, massage therapy also improves removal of waste products due to metabolism and muscle contractions, like lactic acid. The buildup of lactic acid in your muscles can prevent effective muscular contractions, which causes pain and reduces muscle development. Massage therapy can help improve drainage of lactic acid from muscle tissues relieving pain and allowing effective muscle contractions.

3. Injury prevention – In body building, there is always a risk of getting an injury as you put your body in constant strain and stress. Sports massage therapists may be able to recommend or provide you with a massage program that will help the occurrence of sports-related injury. These therapists provide a massage regimen that is catered for your specific needs. They can help loosen up tight muscles in specific areas, while breaking down scar tissues to improve your performance.

4. Improves stage performance and psychological aspect – When you are about to enter a competition, stress and anxiety can build up in your body. This will add to the stress of working out. This can affect you both mentally and physically. With a soothing massage prior to a competition, you can relax and lower down the tension in your body. This can prepare you …

Fire Safety – University and Colleges Sacrifice Students’ Safety For Financial Reasons

Fire safety and prevention is always paramount, but facilities with buildings constructed over twenty years ago may not meet and satisfy current fire code regulations. Nowhere is this more important than with colleges and universities, many with buildings constructed more than one hundred years ago. Protecting the country’s youth does not always take a front seat, but proves to be costly every year.

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One main problem regarding latent and potential fire hazards on school campuses pertains to housing and dormitories. Many of these structures which were built more than thirty years ago were not designed with present fire codes in mind. Many of these facilities relied upon the use of asbestos to help combat the threat of fire. Due to the health risks which asbestos presents, asbestos materials have been removed and replaced by safer building materials. In doing so, it has increased the risk of death and extensive property damage. Open stairwells, the lack of fire barriers, and the lack of fire or smoke dampers are just a few more of the crippling aspects of older dormitories. On-campus fraternities and sororities often share similar weaknesses.

Another consideration of a serious problem, although it is much more specific, affects those individuals in wheelchairs. Universities and colleges have added elevators in many older buildings to maintain compliance with accessibility requirements. While this allows wheel chair access to all floors of a building, in the event of a fire elevators are deactivated. Obviously the outcome of a fire in one of these buildings is easily predictable without incorporating areas of rescue assistance for wheelchair access.

Fire alarm panels and control systems have come a long way from the basic siren or bell system with which most adults may remember from elementary school. Today in addition to the traditional fire alarm systems, modern fire alarms, control panels and security systems have evolved into highly complex addressable computer panels and communication centers. Costs can easily exceed well beyond $20,000 for a fire control system in a university dormitory setting. The major obstruction to updating or upgrading these aging buildings is the growing budgetary limitations. The cost to retrofit many of these buildings is prohibitive. Much of the monies delegated to construction and infrastructure is tied up with new buildings and facilities. Schools may qualify for federal funding for the purpose of retrofitting and upgrading those structures which currently do not meet the minimum fire codes.

If the building is in the planning stages a basic fire fire extinguisher in Malaysia can seem like a sizable investment. If the building in question is already completed or being purchased retrofitting the structure may be necessary in order to bring the property up to minimum fire code requirements. The cost can be much higher than new construction. It is important to note regarding real estate transactions of commercially zoned property that real estate agents will very likely be ill equipped to make an informed assessment of any fire control panel or suppression system. Contacting a fire alarm …

Looking to Be Productive Anywhere? Free WiFi Can Help!

It wasn’t so long ago that people thought of high speed Internet service as a luxury item.  DSL was magic, shared on small business networks with a collection of cables, switches and routers. Unfortunately this technology left people thirsty for more.  Soon after came Cable and Fiber offerings (at various speeds) helping to transform Internet service from a luxury item to a basic utility; a MUST HAVE. Around the same time, wireless technology eliminated the need for (messy) wires and switches, allowing office workers a greater degree of flexibility and freedom with their compute devices.  Beyond laptop computers, many Smartphone’s and mobile devices began supporting wireless access. But if you are away from your office, what do you do?

Free Internet WiFi global sim card is popping up everywhere.  Companies (like Panera Bread, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks and McDonalds) with multiple locations offer Free WiFi.  Add to that local libraries, airports, hotels, stores and other public services and parks, it is becoming easier to stay connected when you are on the road.  It is not uncommon to find business people camped out at one of these locations throughout the day as they perform work in-between or in preparation for their next appointment. Avoiding unnecessary trips back to the office is a key element of productivity, efficiency and saving money.

A growing number of  local “WiFi Hot-Spots” global sim card plan are maintained  by the telephone or cable company, offered to you for free as a part of your office or home service package or mobile device.  Verizon, AT&T, Cablevision, OptOnline and Time Warner each have such a product. More information can be found by calling them or consulting their website.

The Internet has a collection of directories that list other free WiFi sites throughout the country.  You can find them with Google or Bing, searching for “Free WiFi”. There is even an iPhone App called “WiFi Finder”.  While many of these “Hot-Spots” impose a time limit on usage at various times of the day, not all do and sometimes you don’t need a very long time to perform a specific task.

Unfortunately, there is NO free lunch here. Don’t forget about security. These free / open portable WiFi rental hotspots typically do not have any security or protection for you, your computer or data.  They often require you to accept their “Terms of Service”, which makes it clear that this is your responsibility and you will not hold them responsible if something happens.  Be sure to take the minimal precautions:

Make sure you device / laptop has anti-virus / anti-malware protection.   Avoid using software or sites that transmit passwords or confidential information in clear text. If you do, be sure the website you are visiting are encrypted (i.e. HTTPS).  Use a VPN connection back to your office whenever possible.

The material presented here only scratches the surface.  If your job has you on the road or traveling, if you are planning a trip or expect to be away from the …

Life, Death and Carmen’s Avena

When I was small there were a few things that made breakfast worth getting up for. First, was my mother Carmen’s oversized Aunt Jemima pancakes; these were so big that when rolled-up, they could be used for batting practice. Second, was Carmen’s Puerto Rican oatmeal (Avena), with Modified tapioca starch; it was like eating hot ice cream.

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Carmen’s Avena Recipe

3 cups Quaker Oats

Half a cup of sugar replacement

1 teaspoon salt

¼ rice scratch

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 cups of milk

1 cup of water

In a medium sauce pan, mix all ingredients thoroughly. Then place on stovetop on medium/low heat, stirring constantly. Stir until Avena thickens to a smooth and creamy consistency. Top with cinnamon powder and eat hot.

Those were the good memories and I will share many with you as a blogger. There were other memories I have of growing up in Newark and Elizabeth. Memories of Christmas in the Dayton St. Projects, summers in North Newark, being physically attacked in elementary and middle school by gangs. Hearing teachers assure students they would go nowhere in life.

I think back to the Dayton St. Projects and wonder how anyone could have made it out alive. A walk to the Dayton St. School only three blocks away was like an excursion through a wasteland, without protection from the elements. Between home and school anything could happen and sometimes did. The tall dark red brick buildings cast a shadow upon the earth that followed you everywhere; they frustrated the sun’s attempt to shine light upon the concrete floor. The eighth floor where we lived overlooked the Evergreen Cemetery – a huge expanse of death and finality. No matter where you looked, one could find a “dead end.”

As a Boricua whose family subsisted on welfare and government benefits, Dayton St. was a place people wanted to live in. It was subsidized housing and really the only thing our family could afford. “Los Proyectos” – as the Boricuas called them – were prime real estate. Many of us adapted to the environment and learned survival skills that we use to this day.

We learned that survival and promotion – like in the work world – sometimes depends on who you know. My family knew Carlos my first cousin and everyone on Dayton St. knew Carlos – the drug dealer and eventual user. He loved his family and people knew that, but most importantly respected that. He would do anything for his family but eventually could not do anything for himself. He died of AIDS from sharing needles for his heroin addiction.

We learned that parents can hold together a family regardless of where you live or who your neighbors are. They can also teach you to be tough in an unforgiving neighborhood. Lesson number one: If you get hit you hit back! Lesson number two: See lesson number one. There were constant struggles between African-Americans and Puerto Ricans and neither wanted to seem …

Interwoven Online Marketing Strategies

Building a successful business that is unmatched & profit-oriented takes time and consistent efforts in the right direction. Of course, determination, passion and pro-activeness are also the key important aspects to consider. In today’s, changing market place and transforming trends, real businesses need to adopt several inspiring & innovative advertising and marketing solutions for that ultimate edge. For instant benefits, businesses need to evolve as per the changing market demands. seo geebung is also one of the most innovative and creative tools to improve marketing efforts strategically. It is completely business-based and helps companies to move ahead in their competition.

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Why SEO?

Most businesses adopt the dynamic undercurrents of SEO for real business value. It helps in improving customer relations and brings them closer to the company. Online business marketers tactically define their online objectives and schedule their activities according to the business needs to minimize risks and bring consistency.

They significantly optimize the web pages as per the competition and make changes at the same time for better website performance. They also make websites friendlier and easier to navigate. This will automatically bring more customers to the website. Online marketers design the website as per the competition so that more and more customers feel comfortable and make purchasing decisions without any hassle. This will dramatically improve sales, impact business growth as well as profit margins.

SEO comprise

For that ultimate benefit, online marketers and SEO professionals carry out website analysis, competitive analysis, keywords analysis; Meta tags creation (title and description) for all web pages, links optimization, and image optimization. All these factors help a business website to rank high on the search engines. These are the basic factors of SEO and are truly beneficial for a website. It simply helps a website to deter competition and improve its brand name.

Mix strategies

Businesses looking for online presence, adopt search engine optimization strategies. SEO strategies help to increase search engine rankings for the business related keywords that eventually improves brand reputation. The main objective of SEO is to make a website error-free and user-friendly. It also includes content writing, website designing and complete optimization.

For more significance, businesses go for interwoven strategies such as paid inclusions, paid submission, banner advertising, PPC, contextual advertising and social media marketing. These are highly advantageous to get high rankings, ensuring smoother website traffic. In fact, it is also possible to advertise websites locally or internationally through holistic SEO efforts.

Business owners can easily target their audiences and draw their strategies accordingly. Most of the businesses prefer local marketing for local dominance and brand building. It is true that successful websites implement SEO and SEM game plans to transform their market image and enhance visibility.

Home Garage Car Lifts

We all know that car shops and professional mechanics have top of the line car lifting equipment. Along with this knowledge comes the fact that we cannot have these large devices in our own garages, due to their size and cost. So, what are the choices for the home gear head who needs to lift a car, and where can you get the equipment needed to lift your own car?

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The Proper Car Lifting Equipment

There are several different methods that can be used to lift or elevate your car enough so that you can work on its undercarriage. The prices for these different types of car lifting tools and equipment vary depending on quality, name brand, and weight capacity.

Ramps for Lifting

The first type we’ll speak of are ramps. Car ramps can be used to elevate the front end or back end of a vehicle. One ramp goes to each tire and they lift the car about 6″ to 18″ off the ground. They are reliable supports because the tires rest on them, making a slip or accident almost impossible.

Longer and more sturdy car ramps can be used for motorcycles and ATV’s, and even full sized cars can be lifted up and onto flat beds where they can be transported without burning gas or adding mileage. The price for most car ramps range from $30 a set to $300 a set, depending on the size and strength you need.

Jacks and Stands

Car jacks and stands come in many different types and sizes for the home garage. The rolling floor jack is one of the most popular lifting tools in most home workshops. Most of the roll under typed of jack will lift cars that are 2-4 tons, depending on the rating of the jack. The advantage of using a stand as well as the jack is that once the car is lifted high enough, a car stand can be slid in place and cranked up to support the vehicle. This is excellent for rotating tires, or changing your car’s fluids.

Where to get Home Car Lift

Most of the available car ramps, stands, or jacks, are available at countless big box stores, such as WalMart’s Car Center, and especially at your local hardware store. The prices for ramps can be around the same price for a 2 ton jack; about $30-$40 USD. They’re not expensive, they’re effective, and you can keep them in small spaces in your shed or garage.…

Basic Carpet Cleaning and Maintaining Its Looks

Having new carpet installed is an exciting event because it transforms a room’s look and vibe. Once installed the challenge is then about how to maintain the new carpet’s appearance through carpet cleaning and proper usage. With all the “know how” we have in this day and age there have been quite a number of improvements to modern day carpets. Carpeting now is more stain resistant. Although not completely impervious to stains, one now has a very good chance of a carpet not staining if the liquids are removed quickly. Also there are now numerous products in the market that specialize in Carpet Cleaning Brisbane and stain removal.

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One of the most important steps in your to do list when it comes to carpet maintenance is vacuuming your carpet regularly. One should not wait till the carpet is dingy before vacuum cleaning it, set a regular routine like one or twice a week. A vacuum with a beater bar/brush is preferable as it is able to remove embedded dirt better. Dirt and grime when embedded rubs against the carpet fibers and causes premature wear and tear on the fibers. This is the reason why some experts advise daily carpet cleaning if possible.

Aside from regular cleaning one must also put into place a strategy for wear prevention to keep carpeting looking its best. People often create a walking route around a room depending on the furniture. This wears certain parts of the carpet more than others. Sooner or later the uneveness will become obvious making the carpet look more worn. The best thing to do is to change the position of the furniture every so often. This will then create different routes and the carpeting will wear out more evenly and last longer. Another good maintenance technique is to use an outdoor and indoor mat. The outdoor mat will be able to prevent most dirt and grit from entering the house and the inner mat will be able to absorb moisture from getting to your carpeting. Also if possible get the family into the habit of taking their shoes off when they enter the house and putting on house slippers as outdoor shoes may tear at the carpet pile.…

Air Conditioners – For Many Homes it Is Just Cool

As the temperature soars outside and the heat percolates into homes, many people often try to keep their houses cool with the help of indoor split system air conditioner installation cost are cheap. Window air conditioners are the most commonly seen. It is popular because it’s extremely easy to use and at the same time is an affordable one for use in a smaller arena. They are of various types depending upon their features like size, cooling capacity and economic price. Almost all huge buildings, especially the business clusters, will have condensing units installed on their roof tops.

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Air Conditioner is something that we come across most often on a daily basis. But still, it is ignored and taken for granted. An air conditioner functions like a refrigerator excluding the insulation box unit and makes use of the evaporation technique of a refrigerator such as Freon to provide a cooling effect.

The utility of an air conditioner is to effectively obliterate heat and humidity from the surrounding atmosphere. The quality of work done depends a lot upon the size of the unit. A very large unit is capable of cooling the surrounding quickly, but loses on reducing the humidity. It often leaves back a damp, unpleasant and sticky kind of feeling. However, a perfectly sized, compact unit would effectively bring down humidity along with cooling the atmosphere.

The quality of a room units can be decided calculating their energy efficiency ratio, denoted by EER, which is nothing but the ratio of cooling output to the power consumption. The EER and the Efficiency of the unit is directly proportional to it’s EER.

Air conditioners can also be portable, but may not be as efficient as the window units. They may be preferred to their window counterparts only when there’s a problem of fitting the unit into the existing window, especially if they are of casement or sliding. People often mistake a too large unit to provide better cooling effects, though the opposite is true. An oversized and a bulky unit would only prove to be less efficient.

Industrial Boilers Require More Preparation and Maintenance

In the private sector purchasing a boiler is relatively a simple procedure. The only thing you really have to worry about after you figure out which boiler you want is how to get it installed. Installation is usually something the seller of the plumbing Brisbane will do for you and once installed its pretty much plug and play as far as you’re concerned. Maintenance is usually done once a year if that. When it comes to industrial boilers, however, there is a different procedure, responsibility, and even the shopping part can be quite tedious for a business.

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Industrial boilers are a major purchase and investment for the company and unlike the domestic boilers these machines are designed to create incredible amounts of heat and hot water on twenty four hours a day seven days a week basis. The boilers that are used inside major complexes and company buildings are usually servicing a lot of offices, or even an entire building of apartments. The demand on them is so high that a domestic boiler would break down after a few weeks if it were chartered to do this work, and even then it couldn’t put out half as much power and heat as it would need to.

Companies that need industrial boilers go through several steps to order, maintain, and service these boilers. They first have a staff of people who seek out and research the available options, then the panel of experts will contrast what they need, the size of their building, the needs/demands the unit will need to fulfill, and more. They will take this information and find just the right unit. Since this is a major purchase, a good warranty is very important, and they will need some sort of guarantee on the unit as well. Luckily these are elements that are always present in this kind of purchase weather you purchase an industrial boiler or one for your home (smaller less powerful).

Once purchased and installed, the company will hire a team of people to look after the unit to make sure it’s always in good repair. Since this unit will be in use all the time, protecting the companies investment means consistently checking the unit for problems, and even making sure it’s working at full efficiency. Most of the industrial units run from a fuel source that is tapped in like natural gas. Electricity may be used to light the boiler but other than that the unit efficiently runs on gas and is constantly being safety checked for wear and tear, potential safety hazards and general maintenance. The industrial boilers need to be maintained more than a normal home type boiler so there is a staff of people always on it.

Quels sont les avantages et les risques de la liposuccion?

La liposuccion, également appelée lipoplastie, succion de liposculpture, lipectomie ou lipo, est un type de chirurgie esthétique qui décompose et “aspire” la graisse du corps.

Il est souvent utilisé sur l’abdomen, les cuisses, les fesses, le cou, le menton, le haut et le dos des bras, les mollets et le dos.

La graisse est éliminée par un instrument creux appelé canule. Ceci est inséré sous la peau. Un puissant vide à haute pression est appliqué à la canule.

La liposuccion est l’opération cosmétique la plus courante aux États-Unis. Chaque année, plus de 300 000 procédures sont effectuées aux États-Unis, pour un coût allant d’environ 2 000 à 3 500 dollars.

Faits saillants sur la liposuccion

Voici quelques points clés sur la liposuccion. Plus de détails sont dans l’article principal.

  • L’opération est normalement réalisée sous anesthésie générale.
  • La liposuccion n’est pas un outil de perte de poids, mais une procédure cosmétique aux effets subtils.
  • Les risques incluent l’infection et les cicatrices
  • La liposuccion peut être utilisée pour traiter certaines conditions médicales.

Quelle est la liposuccion?

La liposuccion cellulite n’est pas une méthode globale de perte de poids.

Les personnes qui subissent une liposuccion ont généralement un poids corporel stable mais souhaitent éliminer les dépôts indésirables de graisse corporelle dans des parties spécifiques du corps.

La liposuccion n’est pas une méthode globale de perte de poids. Ce n’est pas un traitement pour l’obésité.

La procédure ne supprime pas la cellulite, les fossettes ou les vergetures. Le but est esthétique. Il convient à ceux qui souhaitent changer et améliorer le contour de leur corps.

La liposuccion élimine de façon permanente les cellules graisseuses et modifie la forme du corps. Cependant, si le patient ne mène pas un mode de vie sain après l’opération, il existe un risque que les cellules adipeuses restantes grossissent.

La quantité de graisse pouvant être éliminée en toute sécurité est limitée.

Il existe certains risques, y compris l’infection, l’engourdissement et les cicatrices. Si trop de graisse est enlevée, il peut y avoir des bosses ou des bosses dans la peau. Les risques chirurgicaux semblent être liés à la quantité de graisse enlevée.…